Thaya Green Lantern Tassels Earrings

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The green lantern palms up and leads to the heart!

Design Concept

Based on the legend of the Oriental Legend of the Blue Line Light, with lanterns and tassels as the main elements, it is asymmetrical. The green lantern lights up, the tassel swings in the swaying pace, each step will go to the unknown, you curious about the world, please continue to look forward to it, the ending of the story may not be under your control.

Product Story

Lantern earring Is a beauty with a sense of distance Loyal listener Also the protagonist of the story There is an unpredictable breath hidden in the smile Anecdote is her interest The green lantern, The story spread out in the swaying candlelight People tell their horror experiences Lantern earring The weirder the atmosphere, the louder the noise Hope also came quietly at the same time Take them to an unknown world

Creative design

1- The lamp prototype is an incarnation of hope and light, design with blue crystal flowers

2- The shape of a butterfly is a firework when a green light appears

3- White bead decoration, more femininity

4- Streamlined design, modified face

Product information

Product Brand: Thaya

Product Name: Green Lantern earring

Material: copper, 925 silver needle, artificial crystal

Process: electroplating

Weight: 3.1g

Size: 4.8cm/5.1cm

Style: Fairy


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