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About US

THAYA captures the primal beauty of nature with unique, handcrafted jewelry. Our pieces integrate elements such as plants and insects, and incorporate game two-dimensional and fairy tale elements.

Our exquisite and distinctive jewelry has captivated a vast global audience, with a significant following of nearly 40,000 fans on Instagram and an additional 20,000 fans on Facebook.

Campaign contents

Increase our brand awareness and reach out to new audiences through a KOL marketing campaign.

  • Free sample delivery
    • You can get 2 free products of your choice from this link at https://www.mythaya.com/collections/kol . (You can send me the links of the 2 products you like)
    • To make sure everything goes smoothly, please send us your address in the following format: Name,Address,City,State/Province,Postal Code,Country,Phone Number
  • Exclusive code&High commission
    • We would create an exclusive discount for you, and each order you recommend could get a super high 15% commission.

      Product introduction

        • Product Info
          • Handmade jewelry that captures the essence of nature.
          • Hand-carved wax and integrates elements.
        • Components & Craftsmanship
          • A variety of materials and techniques
          • Gold & silver natural gemstones & crystals & enamel & resin
          • Superior craftsmanship.
          • Handcrafted by skilled artisans.
          • Traditional and modern techniques.
          • Create unique aesthetics .
        • Core Selling Points:
          • Luxurious and unique experience at moderate prices.
          • Handcrafted designs and high-quality materials,
          • Perfect way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.

                Deliverables and Deadline

                Instagram KOL:

                • 1 post/1 reel +1 story featuring our products on Instagram .
                • Post should include 4 to 5 clear photos showcasing our products.
                • Hashtags to include: #thayahouse.
                • Tag our official account @thayahouse in the post.
                • Post should be published within 20 days of receiving the product.
                • Invite us to be a co-poster when you post

                Tiktok KOL: 

                • Content should be positive.
                • At least one 15-second video.
                • Tag our official account @mythayahouse.
                • Add the discount code and related hashtag #thaya #thayahouse.
                • Be more creative instead of simply unpacking and displaying.
                • Post should be published within 10 days of receiving the product.


                    After receiving your confirmation, we will deliver the goods to you as quickly as possible, it usually takes 5 to 15 days to arrive.

                    You can check the logistics here with the tracking number we gave you.


                      • Paypal transfer
                      Looking forward to your participation!❤️❤️