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More youthful and beautiful, each flower bud shows a youthful personality. And personality is unique and exclusive to each person, and it is not easy to bump into models

Brand Introduction

THAYA was founded to capture the primal in nature -the untouchable subtleties, the fickle,the unknown and the unique. We use jewelry as a carrier, use hand-carved wax to integrate elements such as "plants" and "insects" into the works to create unique handmade jewelry. A natural fit between designer and jewelry, unique aesthetics and good hand-made skills,adding game two-dimensional and fairy tale elements, using various materials and crafts, to create successful series such as LINHU , Let fans to have consumption experience with luxury brands by relatively moderate prices.

New arrivals in 2022

Everyday Essentials

We tapped some of our most fashionable friends for some styling tips to help you envision what our gear looks like out in the wild. These folks know a thing or two about building a killer look, so if you’re in need of some inspiration, check it out.