Do you ship worldwide?

The items offered on our website are available for worldwide delivery.

What is shipping fee

Worldwide $7.95

Free shipping over $49

How long does shipping take?

Shipping time varies by location. These are our estimates:

United States 3-9 Business days 6 Business days
Canada 4-10 Business days 7 Business days
Germany 3-9 Business days 6 Business days
France 3-9 Business days 5 Business days
United Kingdom 3-8 Business days 6 Business days
Hongkong 1-2 Business days 1 Business days
Australia 3-9 Business days 7 Business days
New Zealand 3-8 Business days 6 Business days
Singapore 3-8 Business days 6 Business days
Italy 5-10 Business days 8 Business days
 Netherlands 3-8 Business days 5 Business days
other 5-12 Business days 6 Business days

*This doesn’t include our 2-3 day processing time.

Do you provide tracking information?

 Yes, you will receive an email once your order ships that contain your tracking information, And you would receive the email when the order delivered or order exception, if you do not receive the email, pay attention to the email when it goes into the trash


Any question please contact ,we would reply you as soon as possible