The Secret Behind the Design of Thaya Green Lantern Earrings

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Imagine being invited to a party where all the family and people you have to deal with are present. After much thinking and going, you will finally find the clothes you want. Everything else is ready for a formal and luxurious party. There remains only one issue; What kind of jewellery service to hang around your neck and ears or make your hands that are worthy of your dignity and the dignity of the parliament.


Have you ever chosen an earring and then feel how much it has made you more beautiful and possibly reduced some of your facial imperfections? We must say that in these cases you have made a completely correct diagnosis; Some earrings, such as green lantern earrings, can make you more beautiful, because the earrings are closer to the face than any other jewelry, and as a result, its design can complement the shape of the face.


Choosing jewellery has always been one of the most critical issues for women when they are invited to a party. It does not matter if it is a lavish party or a simple birthday party. What is essential is the appropriateness of the gold and jewellery service with the color of its clothes and fashion, which, of course, is not limited to the present and has long been considered as one of the sub-human tendencies. New fashion earrings are also of the same concern. Both men and women try to make themselves more beautiful with any cosmetics and ornaments. Although most of the fans of jewellery are women, thousands of years ago it was men who hung necklaces, bracelets and decorated their hair with tree leaves.

Today, some symbols can be seen on all kinds of jewellery and accessories such as watches, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bags, shoes and even the clothes themselves, which doubles the beauty of the product, and you may be because of the same symbol. And you have used the character that has been used. But have you ever wondered what the symbol used in jewellery, bags, clothes and other goods means? Or "What does the monkey symbol used on jewellery mean?" or " What does the symbol of the butterfly used in the green lantern earrings mean? " Or "What does a lantern mean in the jewelry"? If you have such questions in your mind, join us in this article from Thaya to find the answer. In the following, we will tell a story about the use of inks and symbols and the secret behind the design of green lantern earrings. Isn't it fascinating?

The story of the symbols used in the green lantern earrings

In the 21st century, and especially in 2020, there is less advertising for gold and jewellery, and more people tend to buy jewellery made of silver, titanium, nickel, steel and ornamental stones, or sterling silver jewellery. The reason why yellow gold, despite its beauty, brilliance, and financial and capital support, is less noticed by young people and they do not care about it, should be sought in the penetration of Eastern culture, especially the people of China, Thailand and India.

Every culture and civilization has its own set of signs and symbols. These signs represent within themselves what in the whole culture has formed the spirit of life of the people of the society. For example, we can refer to the most famous of these signs, the symbol of the "cross" in Christian culture, which has a long history. There are many such signs and symbols in Chinese culture; Among the characters used in green lantern earrings, which we will describe below.

Green lantern earrings are entirely in line with the new fashion earrings and are part of sterling silver jewellery. The design of the green lantern earrings is based on the Oriental Legend of the Blue Line Light. These earrings want to show asymmetry with lanterns and tassels as the main elements. Bright green light and a tassel that swings at variable speed with each step you take. This is a great show of your curiosity about the world and the fact that the end of the story may not be under your control.


The lamp prototype is an incarnation of hope and light, design with blue crystal flowers. The shape of a butterfly is a firework when a green light appears. The figure comes from the change of the moon, the moon is full of cloudy and sunny, meaning that life will experience various shortcomings, but it will always be complete.

In the end, it can be said that in the world of jewellery and accessories, many famous and popular symbols are used, each of which has its meaning and concept. People can also express their inner feelings by buying jewellery with a particular sign. Thaya has used this unique symbol in making some of its jewellery due to the need to have health and comfort (along with attention to beauty and fashion) as well as the amount of attention paid to this particular symbol in Chinese culture. To visit these pieces of jewellery and prepare them, you can visit our site.




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